Trying to downgrade

In order to practice for the Mongol rally we decided to rent a tiny car for the duration of our stay in Hawaii. Unfortunately for our plans and unbeknownst to Roberta I found a coupon online that allowed me to rent a mid size SUV for half the price of any other vehicle on the island.

Arriving at hertz car rentals we were asked if we wanted to upgrade. “I didn’t know you rented Hummers.”

The kind lady didn’t understand my sarcasm and said, “I’m sorry, we are out of Hummers. But the GMC Acadia we have for you is much more luxurious and better rated.

“What is a GMC Acadia?” I asked Roberta

“I don’t know.”

Knowing that GMC has a reputation for making everything but small, economic, easy to drive cars I asked if we could maybe downgrade.

“No, it looks like you booked the Ebenezer Scrooge package. Everything is an upgrade.”

Disclaimer: She did not use that term.

“How much would it be to upgrade to that silly purple VW bug?” I asked, picking the cheapest looking car in the parking lot.

“That’s my car.” She said.

Feeling that I had lost the battle, I humbly accepted the keys to our new ride.

It is massive, pearl colored, and has built in proximity alarms when you get too close to something.

The alarm goes off a lot on the tiny roads and parking lots of Hawaii.