Trouble with Sea Creatures at Sea Tac Airport

Roberta got stopped at the security security checkpoint.

She didn’t look suspicious. Or she didn’t until he asked her to open her bag. She glanced over her shoulder to see if I was paying attention.

I was paying attention and I did see the TSA man pull the plushy shark out of her bag. I sidled up next to the TSA man to help him examine her bags more thoroughly.

“Please stand back.” He said looking a bit disturbed, as if I had been the one looking at his naked x-ray body.

“I want to know what is in there. “Packing light” seems to include a shark.”

They let us through although we are transporting a dangerous predator. “You should confiscate it!” I said over my shoulder as Roberta led me away.

We are now at the “Dungeness Bay Seafood House” where she has literally just been caught by the waitress playing with a piece of fried calamari.

Trip Time: 30 Minutes

Faux Pas: 1

Quote of the Hour: “What are you putting in your drink?”