The Team

The mad minds behind Gobi or Go Home make up Team Epic Adventure (TEA). This group of elite adventurers combine forces to prove that adventure doesn’t require intelligence, planning, or skill.

Shane ‘Shane’ Bolinger

Fearless Leader

Shane Bolinger always knows the wayShane Bolinger began TEA in early 2012 in an attempt to avoid getting a job following college. This has not yet become a permanent solution but hopes are still high. Currently, Shane works as news correspondent and chief blogger for TEA. It is from him that you can expect to get factual and timely information regarding the exploits of Team Epic Adventure.


When asked directly about his adventure history Shane notes that he “occasionally gets out of bed before noon.” When asked via Roberta, she notes that one of his more notable and unlikely accomplishments was convincing her to marry him.

Shane also led the world’s worst circumnavigation of Bali, a trip that apparently lasted about two hours and involved driving around lost in the capital city.

Stupid Things Shane Says

  • How much effort will be involved in that?
  • We got this.
  • Oops.

Roberta ‘Heavy Metal’ Ettel

The Precognitive

The beautiful, charming, and witheringly sarcastic Roberta Ettel has been cursed with the power of precognition. She has the uncanny ability to predict when the great ideas of her teammates will end in pain, suffering, and humiliation. Alas, the future is set in stone and she can do nothing but close her eyes and scream as her friends include her in their brilliant plans. Between the moments of terror Roberta occupies herself with “planning” which includes such things and packing food and stopping for petrol before driving across deserts and mountain ranges.


Roberta is the most accomplished member of TEA having held down a steady job at least once in her life. Other notable feats include parallel parking and falling asleep on the back of a motorcycle, in a thunderstorm, on a bumpy road, in rural Vietnam.

Stupid Things Roberta Says

  • What are you doing?
  • Don’t do that!
  • I told you that would happen!

Hans ‘Danger’ Sprecher


Hans Sprecher in the middle of nowhere, on a motorcycleHans joined TEA as an intern in 2012. He is the technology specialist / geek responsible for keeping us connected to you via the internets while we bounce through the mountains of Kazakhstan or across the endless Gobi desert. However, Hans considers camping stoves, tents, or GPS units to be evil technologies that holds adventurers back from the true nature of adventure.


As a useless vagabond, Hans has traveled much of the world, studying abroad multiple times rather than pursuing a proper education. Along the way, he summited the highest point of Barbados, drove across the US in a woefully underpowered Honda, and rode in the backseat as his parents drove him across New Zealand.

Although this seems like good training for the Mongol Rally, Hans recently sold his car and has driven on exactly one occasion in the past year.

Stupid Things Hans Says

  • How hard can it be?
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • Oh.