Take me out to the black

Take me out to the black,
tell them I ain’t coming

The above map shows Facebook usage around the world. It was compiled by an intern and describes 500 million Facebook interactions. It’s an impressive map to look at under normal circumstances.

It’s even more impressive when you’re thinking about driving straight across some of the darkest portions of the map. The thin yellow line describes roughly 8,500 miles of roads that we intend to traverse in our Fiat.

And it’s not just a Facebook blackout across Russia.


The above map shows Twitter use around the globe. Aside from far Western Europe and a few blips in Turkey, we’ll be completely out of the Twitter belt.

After these bleak, Dostoyevskian maps, I was happy to find one that showed some life.

That’s lights. Lights around the world. After Facebook and Twitter, Mongolia looks absolutely crowded with lights. There’s a narrow thread of light, following our roads across Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Even Novosibirsk in SIberia burns brightly here (not unsurprising, for a city of 1.5 million).

Full Visualizations

Explore the original maps that the above routes were drawn on: