We’re pleased as punch that friends, family, and a few amazing companies have banded together to support team Gobi or Go Home.

Seat Sponsor


An anonymous and extremely generous donor has covered our driver’s seat cost, putting a substantial amount of money towards our drive to Ulaanbaatar, and our Fiat Lands that will be donated to charity at the finish line.

Rack Sponsor

Sprecher Group

Other mothers may express concern for their son and son’s friends when they announce a roadtrip to Mongolia. Luckily, Terry Sprecher, owner of the Sprecher Group—an environmental consulting firm—took a more pragmatic approach. She decided to sponsor the roof rack for our team.

Check out Sprecher Group’s website.

Wheel Sponsors

Tommy Palace Investment Group

It’s our delight to announce Tommy Palace Investment Group (TPig) as our first corporate sponsors. Their generous donation covers 1 of 6 wheels that will take us across 8,000+ miles of Eurasia.

Wild women on tour – Ireland 2013

Another wheel sponsorship from a crew who is also on an adventure this summer! Thanks to the Wild Women on Tour – Ireland 2013 we will make this a summer to remember!

Marckworth Associates

Marckworth Associates, a marketing and identity development firm specializing in personal branding, has sponsored a wheel. We like to think it was our gusto that brought a marketing agency to help us, but it was probably just our cute logo.

Central Oregon Veterinary Medical Association

The Central Oregon Veterinary Medicine Association has graciously offered to sponsor a wheel for team. Team Gobi or Go Home greatly appreciates the honor of being backed by a group of doctors—it offers an air of poshness to the entire endeavor.

Grandma & Grandpa Sprecher

These two adventurers have sponsored the right front wheel (driver’s wheel, in our British Fiat). Us Mongol ralliers could learn a thing or two from the generations that came before us. Grandma and grandpa Sprecher travel roughly half the year—a goal Shane, Roberta, and Hans strive for.

Jan & Ray

This summer, Jan and Ray are adventuring vicariously through team Gobi or Go Home. By sponsoring one of our wheels, they both encourage adventure and make sure that we get to Ulaanbaatar intact and ready for future explorations.

Gear Sponsors

Blue Sky Vet Clinic

Blue Sky is keeping more than just pets safe this summer. These chaps have kindly sprung for a GPS and satellite uplink device that will help you keep track of the team as we drive across nearly ten thousand miles of rugged Terrain. Blue Sky is located in Bend, Oregon. Find them on the web at blueskyvet.com.

Altrec.com & GreatOutdoors.com

The good folks at Altrec.com, one of the internet’s premier outdoor outfitters, are good enough to donate a MSR Whisperlite backpacker’s stove and two fuel bottles.

Their sister company, GreatOutdoors.com, runs a rich site full of articles about traveling, hiking, and climbing. In the past, they’re helped sponsor mountaineers up Everest, but apparently our endeavor is exciting enough to catch their eye.

Sprecher and No Associates

This geologic consulting firm is so secret it doesn’t even have a website. Until their bumper sticker arrived, we didn’t even know they had a logo. We’re pleased as punch to announce that Sprecher and No Associates is sponsoring the team’s tire (or tyre, as they say on the rally) repair kit.

Can you help us?

We’re looking for more sponsors, at different levels:

  • $75, Sticker Sponsors: Slap a bumper sticker or two on a Fiat Panda, and make sure that people living in far away places will see your logo. Along with this, you get our undying love and a shout out on our site.
  • $150, Wheel Sponsors: (0 slots left) We need 6 wheels to get us to Mongolia. This sponsorship level subsidizes a wheel, which will be auctioned for charity (with the rest of the car) in Ulaanbaatar. Along with this, you get our undying love, a shout out on our site, and placement of your decal on our rally car.
  • $300, Roof Rack Sponsor: (0 slots left) Aside from the rally wheels, our roof rack is the only major modification to our vehicle. And it’s a spendy one. We’re looking for a roof rack sponsor. Slap decals all over our rally car, get our undying love, and a friendly writeup on our blog.
  • $1000, Seat Sponsor: (2 slots left) For the highest level of sponsoring Gobi or Go Home, we’re looking for sponsors to subsidize the cost of the car itself. The car will be auctioned for charity once we arrive in Mongolia.

If you’re interested, please contact us via facebook, or contact Hans at hans.sprecher@gmail.com.