This blog tends to be nonchalant about the future. The revelries, action, and chaos of the past and present doesn’t leave much time for blogging about the unknown and ethereal future.

However, on occasion the future gives you gives you a gift of foresight, generally in the form of a relativistic turd.

The Black Sea ferry between Trabzon Turkey and Sochi Russia is not running. This has been confirmed by the handful of teams ahead of us who are sharing our route. It isn’t delayed, it isn’t broken temporarily, it is down until the Winter Olympics construction in Sochi is completed.

This presents us with the option of driving back around the Black Sea adding to our route a distance greater than that across the United States. The only other option is to try and cross the mountainous country of Georgia to Russia via a dirt road through a border that may or may not be open.

This has caused some severe consternation amongst rally mothers.

What these protective, lovely women don’t know is that we already getting into trouble far from the country of Georgia…