Kindle Fired

I would like to apologize for the spelling and grammar in some of my previous posts. In a rush to get them up, I didn’t proofread them. Later, reading them back to Shane and Roberta, I hung my head in shame.

The Android autocorrect is an interesting beast. It has a limited vocabulary, not recognizing dirty words. ‘Piss’ and ‘pee’ are out of its dictionary. However, it corrects ‘damn’ into ‘damnable’. This amuses me to no end, and may influence how I use the term. ‘Damnable’ does sound cooler.

This is a shocking difference from the iDevices, which appear to read your mind and turn fat-fingered typing into Shakespeare.

(Note, although the author of this post works for Amazon, the views collected here do not necessarily reflect the views of, regarding autocorrect technologies, tablet devices, whether ‘damn’ is a word, or any other opinion.)