Dear Reykjavik

Dear Reykjavik,

It is the duty of travelers to examine the country and cities they are visiting for faults. The British and French are quite good at using their keen eyes and cultural superiority to evaluate other countries.*

But I digress, as for my own small, humble, recommendations:

1. Paint the damned speed bumps. Asphalt colored speed bumps are rude. Even more so when placed on a highway off-ramp. My Chevy Spark rental car made some sparks yesterday.

2. Speaking of highway exits, perhaps you could give them numbers. Or at least write the street they lead to. Telling me an exit leads to a town on the other side of the country is not helpful. Also, 3 out of 4 exits in Reykjavik say they are heading to Reykjavik, this is not helpful.

3. This isn’t really a suggestion. We’ve noticed that when a word on a sign ends with -braut it means “street”. However, we have decided that -braut should be interpreted as “pickle”. This makes walking around on Seapickle, Vestpickle and Kringlepickle more fun.

*Please, don’t tell any Brits or individuals of French nationality that I compared them and found them similar.