Beyond Baatar (Part 4): Remodel

There aren’t many things in this world cozier than a ger. I may have ridiculed ours in a bout of cynicism, but they are quite attractive. Especially, ahem, if you shell out for the double deluxe luxury ger.

Some subtle peeking into other gers around camp has ascertained that the double deluxe ger differs only in that it has a rare two person bed and a picture of Genghis Khan.

Mr. Khan no longer looks angry to me. Instead of a scowl I see only great disappointment in his eyes. “What are you doing with your life Shane?” He says. “You’ve driven across the width of my Khanate, the largest land kingdom in history and you call yourself bored?”

I try to explain to him that the camels have gone away and my heart with them.

“Bah, missing camels are just a metaphor of your own absence of confidence. Anyways you hate riding anything that has its own nervous system. ”

And this is why I’m seriously considering a ger remodeling. Tomorrow, I am going to put the chairs on the other side of the ger backs to the old fart warlord. Just for good measure I will put the coat rack in front of him.

Then I will make a fire in our little stove and bask in the glow of being shy, cynical, and content.