Beyond Baatar (Part 2): Not Possible!

You might think that my boredom here at the ol’ ger camp is of my own failing. You would be wrong.

“I would like to go on a day long camel ride.” I told the ger manager.

“Not possible!” She admonished, as if this dumb request was asked so often one might think it was advertised on their website.

“Err… Can I do the yak ride?”

“Not possible! ”

“But it says right here in the activity book–”

“Camel, yak, all gone. You ride horse.”

“I don’t want to ride a horse! If I wanted to ride a horse I would go home where my family owns three healthy, TAME horses.”

“The scenery is beautiful!”

No it isn’t! I wanted to challenge her. I have driven the majority of Mongolia and you have set up camp in the most boring, brown, muggy, bit of it. Perhaps the only boring bit of Mongolia.

For friends back home, it looks just like eastern Oregon crossed with the shrubby drab olive hills of Klamath Falls.

“What you want to do?” She urged me.

I did an inward sigh. “Can I have a sprite?”

She looked through the myriad of looked refrigerators and came up empty handed.

“Not possible!”