Battle Report; Vladikavkaz

Shane Bolinger reporting live from Vladikavkaz, Russia.

After surviving the drive through northern Georgia (The country, not the state; we aren’t that lost) which includes dodging landslides and rockfalls, flooding tunnels, tortuous switchbacks, decayed bridges, border crossing interrogations, and the odd cow in the road, it looks like Team Gobi or Go Home has been killed by Russian hospitality.

Two free bottles of vodka and much more free beer from the owner of a restaurant has put the team down. Our Aussie friends The Battlers are missing in action and likely suffering from the same generosity.

Not much more to write at this time. Stay tuned for more battle reports and find out if the team manages to crawl out of Valdikavkaz or whether they risk staying another night in this barbarically hospitable city.

Shane Bolinger signing out.