Adventure Preparation: Planning Sessions

Boy, going on an adventure is great. Going on an adventure 6 months from now makes the present tedious. But it is okay, we have a lot of work to do, what with making the website, choosing and buying a car from across the sea, and getting visas from caustic and bureaucratic countries that require all sorts of forms and invitations. To deal with all this the team meets once or so every couple weeks to discuss plans.

In fact, we are having a planning meeting right now. This is how it is proceeding:

Roberta is drinking a latte while reading the local alternative and belligerent news magazine, The Stranger. She also is enjoying a delicious looking grilled sandwich that makes my chocolate chip cookie look dry and stale. Fortunately, she just stood up to go to the bathroom and is now short half a sandwich.

Hans is tip tap typing away on his fancy Apple laptop, blending seamlessly with the other patrons of the University Coffee Shop. He is drinking a disgusting drip coffee without cream or sugar which makes me think that he is well suited for the grimy nature of our adventure. Hans mentioned something about getting a “skin” for our website and I suggested camel skin since it seems relevant to our journey.

On a personal note I have a triple mocha, the aforementioned stale chocolate chip cookie, and have just enjoyed the last bite of the sandwich I stole from Roberta.

We will spend a couple hours chatting about our week, complaining about the hardships of Seattle weather, and then at the very end we will remember we were supposed to have actually been working on making this trip a success. At this point we hurriedly tell each other what we need to do before the next meeting as we gather our bags to leave.

“Hans, make us a thermometer for the website showing how much we have raised for charity.”

“Shane, I need two introductory blog posts before I can make the website public.”

“Roberta, make sure Shane writes those blogs.”
Right now, Hans is putting away his laptop, Roberta is placing her reading material back on the shelf, and I’m finishing this blog.

Now is the time to initiate for my fantastic plan.

Hans: “Roberta, can you look into finding a screen printer for our team shirts?”

Roberta: “Sure, Shane, get those blog posts edited and posted to the website.”

Shane: “Hans, find and purchase our team car and find a person in England that can register and store it for six months.”

Hans is just shaking his head, I don’t think he is going to go for it.

Oh well, I’ll try again next week.