Sleeping Bags, Tents, and Galactic Domination

Last night I sat playing a video game called Mass Effect 3, perhaps one of the most immersive virtual worlds I have ever experienced. Have you ever wished that you could watch a movie multiple times and the outcomes and character development would change, then you would love playing Mass Effect. If the idea of watching a movie and then not being able to proceed halfway through because you weren’t good enough, then you would NOT love playing Mass Effect. Kind of rude to think that when you buy a video game you own the content but can’t access it unless you work at it, unlike a movie or a book.

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Gobi or Go Home: Donation Blog

Show me the money!

I have a hard time asking for money.

Yes, I was a teenager once and should have learned how to badger people (parents) for cash. Alas, I was either too spoiled or so hard working and responsible (more likely) that I never developed the ability to ask my parents for a little subsidy.

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